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Construction Company



One of the largest construction companies in the US, with operations in 48 states, Puerto Rico, Europe. Over 1,600 wireless users.


  • Uncontrolled spend, no standards in place for carriers, costs, devices.
  • No corporate discounts with two primary mobile providers.
  • Lack of dedicated internal resources to focus on wireless.
  • Decentralized management allowing corporate branches to procure any device and any plan for any employee.
  • Unknown inventory; continued payment of service for terminated employees.
  • Over $4,000 per month in ancillary charges including ringtones, downloads, text messaging, 411 calls, games, media and unacceptable usage practices.
  • Paper and electronic; paper invoices > 4,000 pages per month.
  • Manually cost coding charges through A/P to charge back to various branches.
  • Hundreds of hours exhausted to cost allocate charges and audit invoices.

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TEMIA Inventory Standard for Fixed Wireline, Mobile and IT, October 2, 2017

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Check out the latest TEMIA Industry Standard on Inventory services.

Fixed Wireline, Mobile and IT Inventory Standard Paper from TEMIA

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Inventory for fixed wireline, mobile and IT provide a critical foundation for all programs. Download the Paper.

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Network Company



Large, multi-national network communications company in search of reduced costs for telecom and IT expenses.


The company provides its customers resources to help deploy and maintain next-generation networks. In 2000, the company realized that their telecom expenses were excessive and a comprehensive approach to managing technology expenses and aligning expenditures with organizational needs was required.

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