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Consulting Firm

The Client

A leading consulting, construction, technical services, and engineering firm, headquartered in California, turned to TEMIA member company Avotus to develop and run its award-winning e-procurement product for their domestic wireless voice and data services. The company relies heavily on their communications networks to keep the 12,000 employees in their 300+ offices connected to each other as well as to their clients.


The customer needed compelling and aggressive pricing and real-time tracking and reporting for optimization and cost control. In addition, they looked for international coverage capabilities and planned to reduce the number of vendors involved in their business so as to aggregate the potential economies of scale.

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Construction Company



One of the largest construction companies in the US, with operations in 48 states, Puerto Rico, Europe. Over 1,600 wireless users.


  • Uncontrolled spend, no standards in place for carriers, costs, devices.
  • No corporate discounts with two primary mobile providers.
  • Lack of dedicated internal resources to focus on wireless.
  • Decentralized management allowing corporate branches to procure any device and any plan for any employee.
  • Unknown inventory; continued payment of service for terminated employees.
  • Over $4,000 per month in ancillary charges including ringtones, downloads, text messaging, 411 calls, games, media and unacceptable usage practices.
  • Paper and electronic; paper invoices > 4,000 pages per month.
  • Manually cost coding charges through A/P to charge back to various branches.
  • Hundreds of hours exhausted to cost allocate charges and audit invoices.

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TEMIA Inventory Standard for Fixed Wireline, Mobile and IT, October 2, 2017

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Check out the latest TEMIA Industry Standard on Inventory services.

Fixed Wireline, Mobile and IT Inventory Standard Paper from TEMIA

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Inventory for fixed wireline, mobile and IT provide a critical foundation for all programs. Download the Paper.

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