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TEMIA Giving Back Award

The TEMIA Giving Back Award support the association’s mission of promoting the value of technology and telecommunications management, enhancing the category image to promote service quality. TEMIA members will select award winners at the September 11-12, 2017 meeting in San Francisco.

The TEMIA Giving Back Award will recognize a firm based on the criteria below:

  • Impact on the Community (25%)
  • Corporate Participation (25%)
  • Charitable and Philanthropic Value (25%)
  • Vision and endeavor of individual or team to inspire others with their community service (25%)

Nominees are:

Auditmacs – serves on charity boards and donates 10% of profits to our communities. Giving back is in the very DNA fabric of our company. We are very blessed and feel it’s a privilege to try and be a blessing to others. We do quite a few different things with City Rescue and STEM and Best Buddies and other organizations. We were honored to sponsor City Rescue Mission and feed over 1,000 homeless men, women, and children. Most of the servers you see in the video are Auditmacs employees….  Video of Christmas Dinner

Mobile Solutions – We believe success requires a holistic approach. Shared success creates thriving communities. We give back time & donations to support causes we are passionate about.
Mobile Solutions has given to:

  • Denver Rescue Mission: 70+ Hours Volunteered; 100 % Employee Participation
  • Susan G. Komen: Raised to Date This Year: $2014; Employee donations raised through company sponsored food trucks and activities Drench Your Boss day
  • Annual Participation in Race For The Cure – 75% Employee Participation
  • Dolls for Daughters: Approximately 100 Toys and $481 Donated ; Dolls for Daughters and
  • Toys for Boys program collects more than 40,000 toys, stocking stuffers, books toothbrush/toothpaste kits and other items to change the lives of children in our community.
  • National Network to End Domestic Violence Donated Cell Phones; NNEDV provides training and assistance against domestic violence. It also furthers awareness and changes beliefs that condone partner violence.
  • Cell Phones for Soldiers: Donated Cell Phones
  • Matthew Sheppard Foundation: empowers individuals to embrace human dignity and diversity through outreach, advocacy and resource programs
  • Upcoming: Habitat for Humanity

Granite – Helping others is, and has always been, part of Granite’s mission.

Since its inception, Granite has cultivated a culture of giving in many ways, including by personally and generously supporting charitable causes. Jeans Day every Friday, an employee nominates a local charity they support; our team can donate $3 to wear Jeans that day. We average $5,000 each week to charities in Massachusetts, roughly $250,000 a year.

For the fifth year, our Saving by Shaving event raised $5,000 for every employee who agreed to have their head shaved or more than $5,000,000 for Pancreatic Cancer Research for the Dana Farber Research Center. The company and the Hale family have donated more than $17.5 million to Dana-Farber over the past decade.

Recently, Granite created a group called ‘Granite Gives Back’. gives employees the opportunity to volunteer and help schools, playgrounds, beaches and more, to keep a clean community and advance education.

Our mission statement is to positively impact communities in which we work and live providing assistance and volunteering the time and effort of our teammates, family and friends.

Chris Lee, At-Large Board Member; CEO; InvoiceIQ (a Cloud Age Company)

Chris Lee from Invoice IQ brings a diverse background to TEMIA’s board as a founder or co-founder, with two successful sales to private equity and public company buyers. “I look forward to helping shape the association and expand my role within TEMIA’s executive board. The transformative changes taking place in the enterprise compute and fixed / mobile network services arena offer great opportunities for TEMIA members and their customers.” Mr. Lee, a serial entrepreneur, is currently the Founder and Managing Director of Cloud Age Solutions (fka Source Loop), a provider of telecommunications cost management software and services for enterprises and carriers as well as the Co-Founder and CEO of wholly owned Invoice IQ, a provider of invoice management services to the telecommunications industry. Mr. Lee is also known as an expert witness in telecommunications billing, cost management, billing disputes, TEM software intellectual property, traffic engineering, interconnection engineering, access policy and regulatory matters.

MOBI Executive Elected President of Leading Industry Organization

MOBI’s President Mitch Black is elected Technology Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA) President at annual meeting in New Orleans.

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Family Dollar – National Retailer

The Client

With 6,800 stores in 44 States and 45,000 team members, Charlotte-based Family Dollar is a leading retailer throughout the United States. Family Dollar offers customers a mix of quality name brand products they use every day; from consumable products such as household paper products and expanded food assortment, to treasures for every home and even quality apparel for men, woman and children.

The Challenge

In the past couple of years, Family Dollar has engaged in a number of initiatives to improve processes making them more efficient and proactive. One such initiative was its focus on Telecom Expense Management (TEM) processes. “As our chain grew is size and complexity, we realized that we needed to improve management of our telecom costs,” stated Josh Jewett, CIO at Family Dollar, Inc. “We needed a solution that would automate telecom processes to identify billing errors, efficiently manage multiple invoices, provide audits and provide detailed granular reports.” Family Dollar evaluated several TEM companies and after a formal review, selected Asentinel.

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Join NOW: 12 Reasons to Become a TEMIA Member

Benefits • Code of Ethics • Dues • Apply

12 Reasons to Join TEMIA

1. TEMIA is now the Technology Expense Management Industry Association; our members want to drive this change.

More than three quarters of TEMIA members are involved in managing IT and/or cloud expense management. With this trend, TEMIA  changed its acronym from Telecom Expense Management Industry Association to Technology Expense Management Industry Association.  Using this term provides an opportunity for firms to re-position themselves in a more strategic role with customers. It will also enable firms to compete in a larger market with more opportunities. This market is marked by continual and constant change, now we refer to TEM as Technology Expense Management. New challenges and opportunities are always emerging. Active participation with TEMIA allows members to consistently build value for clients through key relationships and industry best practices.

2. TEMIA members want a seat at the table to shape the industry in positive ways.

3. TEMIA members see value in networking to develop business partnerships extending and strengthening their capabilities for clients’ needs.

4. Members support TEMIA’s Ethics Code and wish to see industry participants abide by it. 

TEMIA members subscribe to a  Code of Ethics, which clearly establishes standards and differentiates their level of commitment to their clients.
Our goal is to enhance the category image of TEM though the Ethics Code. Preservation of the Ethics Code will help insure that membership in TEMIA is a differentiator. TEMIA is seeking to use its industry position to have this code apply to the entire industry including members, non-members and all other market participants. Learn more about the Ethics Code

5. TEMIA: Members seek knowledge and innovative new ways to increase their firms’ profit.

6. They want to show internally and externally attainment of an important milestone and maturation of their company through membership in the industry association.

Membership shows that a firm has passed from startup to a more mature sustainable phase. Its leadership have time to invest in more than survival of their firm. They see how they fit in an industry. As a firm matures it understands one of the key principals behind the association:  that is good for one firm is good for the entire industry. “A rising tide lifts all boats.” This is an important milestone for startups.

7. They seek to raise their stature in the industry through TEMIA membership.

8. They partner with TEMIA and its PR / social media activities to help grow their firms’ brand awareness and SEO.

9. They seek to meet and learn about competitors and potential partners in a safe environment. 

10. They don’t want to miss out on industry news and activities.

11. They are interested in buying a competitor, selling their firm or raising capital to expand.

Contact us now to learn more.

Join TEMIA Now

Since 2006, the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA) has been raising awareness of the benefits of Technology and Telecom Expense Management (TEM); Wireless Expense Management (WEM); Managed Mobility Services (MMS); Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM); and Mobile Device Management (MDM). The association’s ongoing mission is to improve the ROI for software and service quality through the development, promotion and adoption of open industry standards. TEMIA also seeks to cultivate shared industry knowledge among Solutions Providers, business partners, telecom service providers, and enterprise clients. Today, TEMIA solution providers help global and regional organizations manage over $61 billion in telecom and data networking assets.

Membership in the association provides benefits to Solution Providers.

Member firms adhere to a Code of Ethics.

The association is funded by the member companies through annual dues based on corporate revenue. Learn more on the annual dues page.

To apply to become a member firm, or associate member, you can contact us now.


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