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Members bring over $61 billion/year of expenses under management.

An Effective Business Transformation Strategy: THE Key to Long-Term Success

Whether it happens today, tomorrow or even next year, the best time to make major improvements in your organization is not when sales are down or the creditors are knocking on the door.

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Fostering Greater Collaboration Between Telecom and IT

Despite years of discussions and collaboration between the telecom and IT industries, the two communities are still leaving “money on the table.” Both own their core audience, but their attempts to merge service offerings often lead to misperceptions and unforeseen challenges that can prevent the formation of mutual, valued and trustworthy relationships. Each community has leaders who are not only willing to acknowledge that critical communications gaps and other issues exist between the groups, but continue to knock down any and all obstacles in their way. If successful, the end result would benefit all involved with increased revenue and a more comprehensive services portfolio for their mutual end customers.

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Mobile Enterprise Security: Protecting Your Enterprise From the Latest Threats


mobilesecurity The current threat landscape exposes enterprises to more vulnerabilities than ever before. Sophisticated attackers using innovative tools and advanced technology present a serious threat to your enterprise’s intellectual property, mobile networks, and customer data. So what’s the most efficient way to counteract these threats and protect your organization?

By making sure that your mobile security management solution possesses the following three features:

  • Identify your priorities. A major challenge facing IT departments is finding a single product that is top-tier in every single area it aims to address. All too often you’ll find that one solution does “X” really well, while another is the best option for “Y.” Ideally, you’ll want to implement a single solution that provides the security capabilities that are most important to your organization – and not worry too much about the rest.
  • Thoroughly-tested programs. Before committing to a new security solution, confirm that it has been thoroughly tested before its release. The last thing you want is to implement a new system, and then run into issues a few weeks later. Fixing these glitches can be costly and often causes even more problems to emerge. The implementation itself can also cause if the vendor does not have a bullet-proof process. Be sure to critically evaluate their process, dependencies, and milestone criteria, and hold them to account for delivering on schedule.
  • Simple technology. Technology that is powerful and easy to use will help reduce the number of significant incidents and reduce costs by minimizing the number of employees needed to oversee the program.

Of course, the most effective and simplest solution is to outsource enterprise security to a trusted partner, such as Calero, who has expert knowledge and depth of experience. So, there you have it. To best protect your organization from the latest security threats, look for a simple and powerful all-in-one solution based on proven, problem-free technology and a well-documented implementation process. To gain maximum security with minimal management effort, consider outsourcing to a partner you can trust.

Global Hospitality Client


hotelThe Client

This global hospitality company approached Valicom in need of a large scale, comprehensive WAN audit and inventory overhaul. With a multi-million annual telecom spend, the client was having a hard time accounting for, and controlling their budget year over year.

The Challenge

The client’s initial focus was their WAN inventory and accounts, specifically to address a significant over-expenditure in the previous year. During early conversations with the client, it became clear that the client was unable to pinpoint specific areas of the business responsible for these overages. They needed professional assistance to identify billing and contract compliance issues, and to reveal various cost reduction opportunities. Once the telecom spend landscape is understood, the client would be put in a position to understand their actual costs, and a strategy for controlling them.

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