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Cloud Computing and TEM

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure (IaaS) and Platform (PaaS) are growing.

Teledyne – Industrial Technology


Teledyne provides enabling technologies for industrial growth markets, having evolved from a company that was primarily focused on aerospace and defense to one that serves multiple markets that require advanced technology and high reliability. Teledyne’s growth has been augmented by acquisitions where the company leverages its operational excellence to rapidly integrate all of the businesses it acquires.

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10,000 Devices @ F100

F100 wireless device cost management

F100 wireless device cost managementCustomer

The client is F100 company with over 10,000 BlackBerry’s, Aircard and cellular devices that are in the process of implementing two corporate-level contracts for AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless Services.

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Electronic Device Manufacturer

electronic device

electronic deviceCustomer and Challenge

With the myriad of telecom vendors, too many bills, too many different billing systems and formats the IT department leaders of this Silicon Valley Company decided they did not have the internal resources or expertise to manage it themselves. Therefore they researched companies that had the expertise, full-service and reporting capabilities necessary to meet their needs and found their answer was Network Control.

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