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Energy Utility

energy utility

energy utilityCustomer

The client is a $7 billion energy utility operating in the United States.

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Product Safety Testing Firm




The client is a leader in Product Safety Testing with $2.3 million annual telecom spend for its mobile services.


This client faced several wireless management challenges, including controlling international costs, identifying zero-use assets, managing ex-employees and staying within spend tolerances. Their wireless contracts were also renewing soon, presenting an opportunity to optimize their environment to better match future services with their exact needs – all at a good price.

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Canadian Managed IT Service Provider

The Client

The customer is a leading provider of managed IT solutions and business process outsourcing services in Canada. As a leader in the market, they were tasked with managing millions of dollars of client IT inventory, including telecom. They had in place IT asset management software that helped them identify inventory allocation and cope with ticket requests.


  • The IT Asset management software did not adequately track service and option charges related to telecom invoices.
  • Resources were rarely available to validate the details of the invoices
  • Invoices from carriers were being received and manually re-invoiced in excel due to their client’s reporting requirements.
  • There was no recurring optimization and the Company customers were looking for ongoing ROI.
  • Multiple vendor processes and invoice formats made the work specialized and difficult to transfer to new employees and employee turnover / retraining cost was very high.

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TEMIA Enterprise Webinar: What You Need to Know About TEM Service Level Agreements

This webinar is about TEM Service Level Agreements. Whether you are evaluating a TEM solution, you just bought a solution or you have one and you are seeking to make it more effective, you need to think about Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Don’t attempt to use standard boiler plate language from your lawyers. SLAs for TEM need to reflect the unique nature of TEM engagements.

This webinar was sponsored by the TEM Industry Association, and was presented and recorded on December 15, 2010.


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TEMIA Enterprise Webinar: New Tools, Teams and Subject Matter Expertise

This webinar is about TEM Best Practices. Sponsored by the TEM Industry Association, we discuss the new tools, teams and subject matter expertise necessary to successfully implement a TEM program. It was presented and recorded on November 17, 2010.


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