TEMIA’s Best Practices and Carrier Billing Committee is to
• Proactively work with service providers to improve billing; discuss and troubleshoot bill processing issues

• Share best practices

• Publish reports, benchmark performance

• Develop open industry standards

• Monitor the market and future health

Carrier billing effects everyone not just TEM providers that process EDI for enterprise clients. Improvements in carrier billing will help telecom carriers, operators, service providers, TEM and MMS firms. Improvements in billing will enable the industry to focus on data analytics and other areas that provide greater value to enterprise clients.

If you work for a carrier, please  contact us to discuss ways TEMIA can work proactively with you to improve billing.

Our most recent call included many topics.
• No Job Title, NO LOA
• Best Practice: Use Gender Neutral Names
• This Provider Only Allows 15 days to Process and Pay Invoices
• Don’t Sign a Contract without…
• Avoid ETF Gotchas

Read more on Carrier Billing tommorow.