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Can Full Transparency for Enterprise IT Spend be achieved?

Business Units are demanding more control over IT Spending There has been a lot of buzz in the recent months about the need for transparency of IT spend because of the increase demand and spend in technology by Business Units. Gartner has even published a few interesting research notes for CIOs and CFOs on the […]

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Why Invest in Wireline Expense Management?

Ever wondered what wireline expense management can do for your business? We’re going to explore the answer to this question but before we can do that, I’ll first help you better understand what wireline expense management is. “Wireline” refers to the services or assets that functions using a land line.  So using: internet, PBX, Routers, […]

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What About IT Automation for Telecom and Mobility?

IT Cost & Asset Automation Business analytics is the fastest growing category of global IT investment according to Forrester Research. This blog was originally written in 2012, at the time; a study done by Nucleus Research from 2012 found that for every dollar a company invested in business analytics it earned $10.66, that’s a 1066% […]

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How Does Telecom Expense Management Accommodates Tax Increases

  You might have heard that some Canadian provinces have recently announced a tax increase. The next upcoming increase in tax is scheduled to happen on July 1st and will affect New Brunswick and Newfoundland. In these two provinces HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) will increase by 2%, specifically from 13% to 15%.

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The Benefits of Multi-tenancy to Manage IT & Communication Expenses

        The name Cimpl has brought a new wave of innovation in our organization. One of them being that our solution is now multi-tenant. Leveraging the SaaS trend of multi-tenancy is quite advantageous in the area of technology expense management for organisations to create operational efficiencies and optimize IT costs. For Dummies […]

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What is the Deal with WiFi Calling?

            There is quite a lot of stirring recently around WiFi Calling. It’s hard to believe that the first version of WiFi was almost 20 years ago.  Did you know that Wi-Fi is actually not an acronym for anything, though people seem to think it means “Wireless Fidelity” which would […]

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5 Points to Consider when Evaluating a TEM Solution Provider

Technology is getting more complex all the time, and the amount of Big Data that technology generates as it grows in size and function is only getting bigger. Managing IT is becoming more crucial than ever before. Because this is such a demanding activity, getting the right services for carrying it out is also critical. […]

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TEMIA Needs Your Point of View

TEMIA is conducting an industry survey. Click on this link to participate. It will take less than five minutes to complete. Ideal Survey Respondents • Enterprises • Solutions Providers, MMS, TEM, Integrators, MDM, Carrier Why Complete the Survey? Your response will…. • Cultivate industry performance and knowledge. • Drive more cost savings. • Improve the ROI of solutions and service quality. • Data […]

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Starting 2016 with a BANG! Etelesolv is now Cimpl!

So as of January 25th, 2016, Etelesolv has started the year with a very important milestone for the company… They have changed their name to CIMPL! That’s right, the company will have the same name as their product. The entire company – from research and development to customer success to sales and marketing – is focused on Cimpl. This makes […]

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Top 7 Trends for IT in 2016

IT budget, IoT, BYOD, trends

Fresh Trends According to Info-Tech What exactly does 2016 have in store? If you know, call me. I find that there are so many predictions out there, that it’s actually very difficult to make sense of them all. It can be quite a challenge for enterprises to “bet” on the right trend in leading their […]

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