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The Generational Gap: Reality of Perception?

By Seth Robinson, Senior Director of Technology Analysis, CompTIA It’s an age-old problem (pun intended): managing a diverse group of employees with differing habits, priorities and opinions.

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Technological Innovations Lead to an Impressive Hat-Trick

And the winner is...

We can say that 2015 has been an eventful year for Etelesolv. Technological innovation, changes, and transitions were on the horizon and through it all we further solidified our status as Canadian leader. The best part in all of this is that we are not about to stop.

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What Is the Definition of MACD for Telecom? (VIDEO)

Welcome to #CimplVision. Today’s topic: we give the definition of MACD, an important acronym for telecom.

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Why is Using AngularJS a Best Practice in TEM Software Creation? (VIDEO)

Why is Angular the right choice to build our next generation application?

Welcome to #CimplVision. Today’s topic: We explain why using AngularJS is considered a best practice in IT and telecom expense management software creation. 

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Why are Premium TEM Softwares Built With HTML5?

Why is Premium Software Built With HTML5? | #CimplVision

Welcome to #CimplVision. Today’s topic: We explain why HTML5 is preferred when it’s time to build premium Telecom Expense Management software.

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How Will MongoDB Applications Help Me Manage Big Data?

Welcome to #CimplVision. Today’s topic: We discuss the importance of MongoDB when it comes to managing Big Data. 

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4 Reasons Electronic Invoices Save You Money in Telecom Management [INFOGRAPHIC]

Invoice Infographic Blog Image

What are the challenges in paying telecom invoices? Your company needs to use IT and telecom assets and services to operate. Because these costs have set monthly due dates, you have to keep track of them so that you don’t pay late fees or other penalties. We all pay our personal invoices without extra help […]

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3 Indicators you need to track for your Telecom Management ROI

CimplManager ROI

Have you ever had a gut feeling about something? Chances are, you most probably have. Now, have you made important decisions based on that gut feeling? If so, that decision may not have been optimal.

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Why Your Business Needs Information Technology

Why your business needs IT

Have you ever seen or heard upper management disagreeing on key issues within the company? Especially where business technology is concerned? Chances are, you have!

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Why the Government Thinks BYOD is Bad for Business

The Government Thinks BYOD is a Bad Idea

On August 13th, three Privacy Commissioners (of Canada, British Columbia, and Alberta) issued guidelines informing businesses of the risks in implementing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs, and with good reason.

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