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Can Software Manage the Big Data of IoT and M2M?

Can software manage the big data of IoT and M2M PNG

Have you recently heard the terms Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IoT)? You probably have; these are big buzzwords that already have a huge impact on people and especially on business.

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3 Ways to Make Technology Accessible for the Travelling Employee

3 Ways to Make Technology Accessible for Travelling Employees PNG

Globalization, the process of international integration, is happening faster and faster. Technology plays no small part in all of this, since improvements in technology allow people to interact with more people in far-flung places and to communicate with the office when they’re out of the city, country, or continent. Of course, here in North America, […]

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How to Improve Your Company with Kaizen

Why Your Business Needs to Change PNG

The Conference Board of Canada just announced that the telecommunications industry has hit a speedbump. The Board claims that for 2015, industry revenues would grow by only 2.3%. Growth hasn’t been this low since the 2008 recession. The Board notes that one of the factors for this slowdown is due to rising prices (which are […]

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8 Things You Need to Know About Mobile Usage Trends

Ericsson released its mobility report for 2015  not long ago, and the report is just filled with important facts and projections on how people will use mobile devices in the near future. We’re going to highlight some of the bigger points from the report and explain how they can impact you and your organization in the coming […]

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Top 5 Best Practices in IT and Telecom Expense Management

What are best practices in IT and telecom expense management

You work for a company that most likely owns, uses, and manages hundreds (if not thousands) of IT and telecom assets. Now, you know this is all costing you money, because you have a lot of bills to pay every month for the usage of this business technology. But do you know where the money is actually […]

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Fostering Greater Collaboration Between Telecom and IT

Despite years of discussions and collaboration between the telecom and IT industries, the two communities are still leaving “money on the table.” Both own their core audience, but their attempts to merge service offerings often lead to misperceptions and unforeseen challenges that can prevent the formation of mutual, valued and trustworthy relationships. Each community has […]

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Mobile Enterprise Security: Protecting Your Enterprise From the Latest Threats


The current threat landscape exposes enterprises to more vulnerabilities than ever before. Sophisticated attackers using innovative tools and advanced technology present a serious threat to your enterprise’s intellectual property, mobile networks, and customer data. So what’s the most efficient way to counteract these threats and protect your organization? By making sure that your mobile security management solution […]

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Industry Research Highlights Telecom Opportunities for 2015

By Annette Taber, Vice President of Channel Strategies for CompTIA Strategic business leadership skills and well-established industry insight are both crucial qualifications companies need to have before adding carrier and network services to their portfolios. A recent report commissioned by the CompTIA Telecom Advisory Council emphasizes that the industry’s channel relationships can be a bit […]

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Enterprise Asset Management 2.0

The digital universe is expanding “The digital universe is expanding.” This elegant statement by Gartner neatly describes the ever-broadening scope of technological activity that will markedly impact all businesses in significant fashion. The increasing consumerisation and availability of technology products has eroded a portion of the IT department’s authority in dictating the makeup of a firm’s IT environment. IT managers will have […]

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Is Properly Compensating BYOD Employees Creating Mountains out of Molehills?

The California BYOD ruling exposes what I have long considered the soft underbelly of BYOD … The court ruling is not a death call for BYOD… It is a molehill, but even a molehill can be quite costly to your business. Read the blog from Blue Hill Research to learn who the ruling will really hit and more.

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