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TEM Consolidation

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Culture Shift: The Most Overlooked Piece of Successful Mobility Management

Culture and resistance to change is a frequently overlooked factor that Managed Mobility suppliers often encounter and can make managed mobility intiatives more difficult than they need to be.   Let’s face it:  humans are resistant to change.  Employees want to feel valued and often that means that they have a coolest new device.  The problem […]

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Thoughts on Android?

  My take on Android is that we will see should see a similar ripple type effect that we saw with the iPhone launch.  Due to the fact that T-Mobile has such a limited amount of penetration in the enterprise market the buzz will probably be much less than the iPhone launch.  The device needs to be […]

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Why it takes so long for some companies to put a TEM process in place?

Tangoe routinely participates in Requests for Proposals for TEM services and consults with Fortune 1000 companies on how Communications Lifecycle Management can reduce costs, improve visibility, and improve productivity. What consistently surprises Tangoe is the number of these initiatives that end in “no decision” and the amount of time it takes to select a TEM […]

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Carrier non-disclosure agreements getting tougher

For the last six months or so, we’ve noticed material changes in the Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) that carriers are asking enterprise clients to sign. Companies report these new confidentiality agreements as restrictive and view them as an attempt to take away the company’s control of their billing information! There are, of course, many different versions […]

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What is driving the move to MPLS?

There are at least two perspectives to the MPLS issue, one coming from the carrier and the other from the MPLS service users. Let me first address the latter. There are a number of business drivers motivating organizations to be proactive in implementing MPLS: new applications that demand any-to-any connectivity, greater bandwidth, or VOIP—especially as […]

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