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These members of TEMIA focus on Technology Expense Management and Telecom Expense Management, (TEM), Managed Mobility Services (MMS), Mobile Expense Management, Mobile Device Management, MDM, Enterprise Mobility Management, EMM, cloud services, call accounting, bill payment and more. TEMIA members subscribe to a Code of Ethics, which clearly establishes standards and differentiates their level of commitment to their […]

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Join NOW: 12 Reasons to Become a TEMIA Member

Benefits • Code of Ethics • Dues • Apply 12 Reasons to Join TEMIA 1. TEMIA is now the Technology Expense Management Industry Association; our members want to drive this change. More than three quarters of TEMIA members are involved in managing IT and/or cloud expense management. With this trend, TEMIA  changed its acronym from Telecom Expense Management Industry Association […]

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Intro to Members

Here’s the key for the following table of members: Column A = Expense Management Solution Delivery – BPO Managed Service Column B = Expense Management Solution Delivery – Hosted Software Column C = Expense Management Solution Delivery – Licensed Software Column D = Expense Management Solution Delivery – Professional Services Column E = Expense Management […]

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Register is a business-to-business web service of the association. Every request for login credentials are reviewed. By completing this form you agree to become a ‘subscriber’ to and will be provided free and relevant content including reports, research, webinars and videos. TEMIA will not share your credentials with third parties. [ultimatemember form_id=4197]

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Member Benefits

Benefits • Code of Ethics • Dues • Apply Why Join TEMIA? TEMIA is the authoritative voice for Tehcnology and Telecom Expense Management (TEM); Wireless Expense Management (WEM);  Mobile Device Management (MDM); Managed Mobility Services (MMS); and Solutions Providers in related areas. Our mission is aligned with your interests. TEMIA supports your firm by working to: a. Expand […]

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Benefits • Code of Ethics • Dues • Apply TEMIA is recruiting new members as part of an initiative to reach 50 members. Stake your claim to the future of the industry by investing in membership as listed below. Regular Membership is extended to companies active in the profession of telecommunications management, Telecom Expense Management, TEM, Managed Mobility Service, MMS, Enterprise Mobility […]

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