Having been a member of the TEMIA Ethics Committee, I am thrilled to be expanding my role within TEMIA’s leadership. In my leadership role at Ezwim, as a wholesale provider to TEM/WEM/MMS firms, I bring a unique perspective to TEMIA. I am amazed how, even in an industry as competitive as ours; members can come together and collectively raise the standards of quality in our solutions and our relationships with each other.

I have worked in the technology space since 2000, more than half of that time in TEM specifically. Since 2012, I have been assisting TEMIA members expand their service capabilities both domestically and internationally. I have developed mutually beneficial relationships with several members of the organization. This has given me the opportunity to understand their business models, goals, and helped drive many members into new revenue streams. If you are in the space but not participating in TEMIA, you are certainly missing out.