hotelThe Client

This global hospitality company approached Valicom in need of a large scale, comprehensive WAN audit and inventory overhaul. With a multi-million annual telecom spend, the client was having a hard time accounting for, and controlling their budget year over year.

The Challenge

The client’s initial focus was their WAN inventory and accounts, specifically to address a significant over-expenditure in the previous year. During early conversations with the client, it became clear that the client was unable to pinpoint specific areas of the business responsible for these overages. They needed professional assistance to identify billing and contract compliance issues, and to reveal various cost reduction opportunities. Once the telecom spend landscape is understood, the client would be put in a position to understand their actual costs, and a strategy for controlling them.

The Results

The hospitality client was previously not actively tracking WAN inventory across their thousands of locations. Valicom’s initial task was to conduct a comprehensive review of existing contracts and then create an itemized inventory of existing costs deployed at each of their locations. Utilizing invoice and web portal access, Valicom quickly developed a detailed inventory, conducted a comprehensive billing audit, and reviewed existing contracts for compliance. The result was a savings of $1.2M.

Valicom also assisted in providing detailed cost allocation for the hospitality client’s WAN invoices, down to circuit, site and department levels. Detailed cost allocation allowed the client to charge back a significant portion of WAN costs to the responsible location and departments. Efforts in better cost allocation and visibility across thousands of sites saved over $5M annually.

Valicom optimizes return on investment for its clients, which it delivered through telecom inventory tracking, contract review, and cost allocation. This allowed the client to focus on their top priority – serving the millions of guests visiting their hotels and resorts every year.

About Valicom

Valicom is a Madison, WI based telecom expense management firm founded in 1991. Valicom offers Clearview, a web-based SaaS telecom expense management software, and a full a la carte suite of voice, wireless and data management services including invoice audits, invoice processing and payment, asset management, cost allocation, procurement, wireless optimization, RFP services and contract negotiation. Valicom has a channel partner program and is a certified WBE.

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