As a leading global logistics operator based in North America and a Fortune 500 global player with over 275,000 employees, this company views mobile communications as vital to their business.


As with many global enterprises, the use of mobile communications had grown gradually over time to become one of the primary means of communication spanning many countries and different time zones. With no formal structure or plan to manage this growth, the company found it increasingly difficult to effectively manage and support its wireless devices and gauge the ROI of this strategic portfolio. The main concerns faced by the organization pertained to tracking the entire wireless inventory as well as managing the rapid changes in wireless plans. This created several challenges for the corporation including rising expenses, lack of visibility into the use of mobile devices and what liabilities, financial and otherwise, were being created.


Avotus partnered with the customer leveraging its Mobile Communication Lifecycle Management solution without requiring any additional engineering or development efforts.

Avotus enabled the customer to have complete visibility into their wireless assets and control the entire lifecycle of the Corporate Wireless portfolio from procurement, provisioning, and managing to Helpdesk support for all activities pertaining to the customer’s Wireless asset base.


The first Rate Plan Optimization exercise, with a scope of 1000 devices, yielded projected savings of $263,000 that would be realized over 12 months, representing a 113% ROI of total contract value with Avotus.

The cost reduction activities focused on reducing expenses through rate plan changes, rate plan matching, feature adjustments and enhanced carrier programs measured against the same minutes of use and calling patterns as outlined in the Historical Usage and Expense Dashboard with no switching of carriers and no loss of functionality or services.

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Avotus is the provider of award-winning technology-based total telecom cost management solutions. The company partners with emerging and established enterprises and helps them source, procure, and efficiently manage their communications services and assets. Only Avotus brings together e-Procurement, expense management, and usage management into a fully integrated solution with flexible deployment options, including Business Process Outsourcing, Software as a Service, and Licensed Software. The service set of Avotus includes Communications Assessment capabilities, which help enterprises to identify, diagnose, and understand their business problems and opportunities; Advisory Services, which provide enterprises with valuable insight into clients’ telecom challenges and offer technical and business process-related solutions that bring enhanced value to clients; Managed Services, which provide clients specific business process and service support; and Outsourcing Services.

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