New suite of cloud-based applications enable wireline lifecycle management with focus on new levels of asset inventory management and expense management. 

GSG, a provider of cloud-based applications for managing the enterprise telecom department, today announced its newest version of WirelineManager. This next generation solution from GSG offers a comprehensive suite of applications designed to efficiently manage inventory, expenses, contracts, ordering, and helpdesk activities, all in a single platform.
With the newest version of WirelineManager, GSG will enable telecom departments to take complete control of their wireline infrastructure and significantly reduce costs by doing things very differently from traditional telecom expense management (TEM) companies.

By focusing on creating an accurate site-based inventory, GSG will be able to cut telecom spending in ways unavailable in other platforms. With a centralized view of telecom activities, spending patterns, and billing information, companies can better target areas for cost savings and gain significant operational efficiencies.

“We’ve worked very hard over the last couple of years to design a wireline product to meet the exacting needs of our large end-user customers,” said Andrew Goorno, Chief Executive Officer at GSG. “Our WirelineManager cloud applications address a myriad of business issues not being met by the telecom expense management offerings in the market. Because of our singular focus on telecom, we’ve been able to use our years of experience to deliver a comprehensive platform.”

WirelineManager enables five key business benefits with its “single pane of glass” view of the entire wireline infrastructure:

  • Automation of numerous complex management processes, so that administrators and service desks can manage the full wireline lifecycle with ease.
  • Cost reduction through proprietary software, financial and engineering analysis to help eliminate carrier overbilling and achieve a right-sized wireline infrastructure.
  • Greater visibility is achieved through translation and presentation of telecom-related inputs into actionable information, enabling more effective decision-making.
  • Flexibility to deploy any or all applications in order to meet unique telecom initiatives, from inventory and invoice management, to cost reduction and ordering.
  • Seamless integration with third-party applications including procurement, service desk and network management tools.


About GSG
Established in 2003, GSG delivers an innovative and unparalleled approach to Mobile Lifecycle Management, Mobile Device Management, and Wireline Management. Together with our world-class service delivery team, GSG’s portfolio of cloud-based products offers a powerful solution for streamlining the management of telecom while driving down costs. Backed by a seasoned management team of telecom professionals, GSG has the largest business process center in the industry dedicated solely to telecom lifecycle management solutions. With over $5 billion of telecom spend managed and optimized, the company has a solid track record of client satisfaction and organizational success. For more information on GSG, visit: