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Today’s topic: We discuss the importance of MongoDB when it comes to managing Big Data. 

 (Click on image to watch our vlog at Youtube)How Will MongoDB Applications Help Me Manage Big Data?


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Hi! I’m Vu-Loc and today I’ll answer:

Why is MongoDB important?

It’s easy! With the mass increase in Big Data in the coming years, MongoDB is one of the best tools to handle huge volumes of data quickly.

1. MongoDB is schema-less, meaning the information structure is built in a way so that any kind of data can be easily added.

2. It’s optimized for data-reading so that vast amounts of data are read quickly.

3. It uses MapReduce, a programming model that breaks data up into smaller clusters for easier search and processing.

4. MongoDB spreads data over the cloud to increase capacity and prevent disruptions from data breakdowns.

5. Developing with Mongo is inexpensive – that’s good for developers, and even better for customers!

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