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12 Reasons to Join TEMIA

1. TEMIA is now the Technology Expense Management Industry Association; our members want to drive this change.

More than three quarters of TEMIA members are involved in managing IT and/or cloud expense management. With this trend, TEMIA  changed its acronym from Telecom Expense Management Industry Association to Technology Expense Management Industry Association.  Using this term provides an opportunity for firms to re-position themselves in a more strategic role with customers. It will also enable firms to compete in a larger market with more opportunities. This market is marked by continual and constant change, now we refer to TEM as Technology Expense Management. New challenges and opportunities are always emerging. Active participation with TEMIA allows members to consistently build value for clients through key relationships and industry best practices.

2. TEMIA members want a seat at the table to shape the industry in positive ways.

3. TEMIA members see value in networking to develop business partnerships extending and strengthening their capabilities for clients’ needs.

4. Members support TEMIA’s Ethics Code and wish to see industry participants abide by it. 

TEMIA members subscribe to a  Code of Ethics, which clearly establishes standards and differentiates their level of commitment to their clients.
Our goal is to enhance the category image of TEM though the Ethics Code. Preservation of the Ethics Code will help insure that membership in TEMIA is a differentiator. TEMIA is seeking to use its industry position to have this code apply to the entire industry including members, non-members and all other market participants. Learn more about the Ethics Code

5. TEMIA: Members seek knowledge and innovative new ways to increase their firms’ profit.

6. They want to show internally and externally attainment of an important milestone and maturation of their company through membership in the industry association.

Membership shows that a firm has passed from startup to a more mature sustainable phase. Its leadership have time to invest in more than survival of their firm. They see how they fit in an industry. As a firm matures it understands one of the key principals behind the association:  that is good for one firm is good for the entire industry. “A rising tide lifts all boats.” This is an important milestone for startups.

7. They seek to raise their stature in the industry through TEMIA membership.

8. They partner with TEMIA and its PR / social media activities to help grow their firms’ brand awareness and SEO.

9. They seek to meet and learn about competitors and potential partners in a safe environment. 

10. They don’t want to miss out on industry news and activities.

11. They are interested in buying a competitor, selling their firm or raising capital to expand.

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Join TEMIA Now

Since 2006, the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA) has been raising awareness of the benefits of Technology and Telecom Expense Management (TEM); Wireless Expense Management (WEM); Managed Mobility Services (MMS); Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM); and Mobile Device Management (MDM). The association’s ongoing mission is to improve the ROI for software and service quality through the development, promotion and adoption of open industry standards. TEMIA also seeks to cultivate shared industry knowledge among Solutions Providers, business partners, telecom service providers, and enterprise clients. Today, TEMIA solution providers help global and regional organizations manage over $61 billion in telecom and data networking assets.

Membership in the association provides benefits to Solution Providers.

Member firms adhere to a Code of Ethics.

The association is funded by the member companies through annual dues based on corporate revenue. Learn more on the annual dues page.

To apply to become a member firm, or associate member, you can contact us now.