The client is a leader in Product Safety Testing with $2.3 million annual telecom spend for its mobile services.


This client faced several wireless management challenges, including controlling international costs, identifying zero-use assets, managing ex-employees and staying within spend tolerances. Their wireless contracts were also renewing soon, presenting an opportunity to optimize their environment to better match future services with their exact needs – all at a good price.


The client’s entire wireless environment was inventoried and uploaded into our Clearview software tool for deeper analysis. Then Telecom Audit experts pinpointed savings from zero use assets, services assigned to ex-employees and other places to optimize spending. Special focus was spent on international savings as this had been a problem area in the past.

Valicom then created a Request for Proposal (RFP) based on implementing wireless recommendations to update the environment. The RFP was sent out to vendors, Valicom analyzed the results and offered expertise on which to choose.

Valicom also supplies ongoing order fulfillment services for any changes in equipment, services and Carriers. Once an order is completed through the Carrier, it is followed up on to ensure proper billing.

To help with ongoing invoice management, Valicom set up an invoice data flow process whereby invoices were entered into Clearview, audited, coded and paid, with a report flowing back to the client’s accounting system. Each invoice is audited monthly for the following overage costs; data usage, messaging, directory assistance, international data usage and international long distance. A duplicate device report is also compiled per user.

This client achieve savings of 30% or $708, 281.

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