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TEMIA Best Practices Award

TEMIA seeks to raise industry standards, recognize its members achievements and promote the value of solutions through the TEMIA Best Practices Award. TEMIA members will select award winners at the September 11-12, 2017 meeting in San Francisco.

A best practice is a technique or methodology that, through experience and research, has proven to reliably lead to a desired result. A Best Practice is accepted or prescribed as being correct or most effective.

Selection Criteria

  1. What has been the result of implementing the Best Practice?
  2. How is the value being achieved, fulfilled and validated in the marketplace?

TEMIA Best Practice 2017 Award Winners Are Mobile Solutions and Mer Telemanagement Solutions Ltd. (MTS) .

Congratulations to TEMIA’s three award 2017 Best Practice finalists: Comview, Mobile Solutions and MTS. Below is information about their nominations.

Comview Best Practices – Telecom Bill Payment

  • Outsourced Telecom Bill Payment should be considered a best practice for Enterprises
  • It promises automation and accountability to reduce internal processing time, expense, and ensure approved invoices are paid accurately, securely and on time.
  • Comview’s documented, SOC compliant processes ensure timeliness, accuracy, security, and transparency when paying customer telecom invoices.

With Comview’s process we:

  • Document processes and stick by them.
  • Ensure back-end system engineered to support workflows and reporting.
  • Pay by electronic means when possible.
  • Keep customer bank accounts separate.
  • Pay against invoice number to minimize misapplied payments and improve tracking.
  • Record all payment information on invoice records in system
  • Automated reporting on invoices not funded, payment aging and more.
  • Research balance forwards to rectify lost/misapplied/un-cashed payments
  • Regularly reconcile bank accounts.
  • Complete end-to-end bank testing.
  • Employ bank security measures to prevent un-authorized payments.

Bill Payment provides a closed loop to provide a 360 view of the invoice lifecycle.

  • Incorrectly managed bill payment can do harm by service providers that fail to follow best practices.
  • You have probably seen or experienced similar yourself.
  • We believe our combination of proven, repeatable processes with supporting technology and dedicated staff make our Bill Payment Best Practices a strong contender for the TEMIA Best Practices award.

 Mobile Solutions – Best Practice Customizing Our Solutions

  • Identifying unique needs of clients, our execution sets us apart.
  • Implemented custom staging and kitting for a transportation client to meet recent DOT mandate.
  • It required vehicle mounts and devices for employees.
  • Mobile Solutions developed a customized portal to address their needs.
  • Our service desk managed customized tickets to provide the best experience for our client.
  • Leveraging our relationship with providers, we reduced our client’s spend.
  • Being recognized for this best practice would be meaningful because of all we have done, for prospects, clients and our people.
  • Shouldn’t a best practice benefit everyone involved?

MTS- Best Practice – Best-in class Solution meets customer needs, with ontime delivery and customer satisfaction.

  • Customer satisfaction ensures repeat business, customer growth, and confidence in both MTS and the industry. That’s a win for everyone.
  • MTS IntegraTRAK, Inc. (MTS) has supported the telecom needs for government, education and medium and large sized enterprises over the last two decades.
  • MTS team has helped clients document and optimize their telecom assets, assist with procurement of services, and recover millions of dollars through telecom expense management.
  • These capabilities provide organizations with the intelligence to make more effective strategic network and telecom infrastructure decisions.
  • MTS’s Map-to-WinSM approach ensures that proven, “best practice” business processes are used to define the methodology our solution engagements will use to ensure optimum results.
  • MTS’s award winning products have been selected as “best-in-class” by several telecom industry publications.
  • We have a long term track record of delivering outstanding results to our customers through the use of our technology and consulting services.


Giving Back, Innovation of the Year and Best Practices Awards Announced by TEMIA, the Technology Expense Management Industry Association

The Technology Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA) introduces three new recognition awards in the categories of: Giving Back, Best Practices and Innovation of the Year. These awards support TEMIA’s mission of promoting the value of technology and telecommunications management, enhancing the category image to promote service quality. Members are encouraged to submit their applications for these awards. TEMIA members will select award winners at the September 11-12 meeting in San Francisco.

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TEMIA Announces New Awards: Innovation of the Year, Giving Back and Best Practices


TEMIA, The Technology Expense Management Industry Association introduces three new awards with: Innovation of the Year, Giving Back and Best Practices.

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Best Practices and Carrier Billing Strategies

If you work for a carrier, please  contact us to discuss ways TEMIA can work proactively with you to improve billing.

This post has one strategy and two important new developments with a carrier virtually all firms  have. 

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Best Practices and Carrier Billing

TEMIA’s Best Practices and Carrier Billing Committee is to
• Proactively work with service providers to improve billing; discuss and troubleshoot bill processing issues

• Share best practices

• Publish reports, benchmark performance

• Develop open industry standards

• Monitor the market and future health

Carrier billing effects everyone not just TEM providers that process EDI for enterprise clients. Improvements in carrier billing will help telecom carriers, operators, service providers, TEM and MMS firms. Improvements in billing will enable the industry to focus on data analytics and other areas that provide greater value to enterprise clients.

If you work for a carrier, please  contact us to discuss ways TEMIA can work proactively with you to improve billing.

Our most recent call included many topics.
• No Job Title, NO LOA
• Best Practice: Use Gender Neutral Names
• This Provider Only Allows 15 days to Process and Pay Invoices
• Don’t Sign a Contract without…
• Avoid ETF Gotchas

Read more on Carrier Billing tommorow.

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