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3 Ways to Make Technology Accessible for the Travelling Employee

3 Ways to Make Technology Accessible for Travelling Employees PNG

Globalization, the process of international integration, is happening faster and faster. Technology plays no small part in all of this, since improvements in technology allow people to interact with more people in far-flung places and to communicate with the office when they’re out of the city, country, or continent.

Of course, here in North America, many of us know what it’s like to travel across borders. There’s always been a lot of travel between Canada and the US. Nearly 300,000 people a day cross the border between the two countries. Not surprising, since the Canada-US border is known far and wide as the world’s longest undefended border.

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Top 5 Best Practices in IT and Telecom Expense Management

What are best practices in IT and telecom expense management

You work for a company that most likely owns, uses, and manages hundreds (if not thousands) of IT and telecom assets. Now, you know this is all costing you money, because you have a lot of bills to pay every month for the usage of this business technology. But do you know where the money is actually going?

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Etelesolv Launches CimplManager for IT and Telecom Expense Management

Master Your IT and Telecom Expenses

CimplManager Designed to Manage Ever-Growing Volumes of IT and Telecom Costs

  • Traditional spreadsheet-based IT and telecom management is inaccurate, time-wasting
  • CimplManager permits automation and centralization of data for more than 120 asset and service types
  • Integrates with more than 100 communication compatibility points


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Add More Resources for IT & Telecom without Hiring More Staff

CimplControl Webinar on demand!

On-demand CimplControl webinar shows how all employees can be engaged in IT management

  • Automation is a key factor in improving processes and output in organizations
  • Webinar offers demonstration of how automation tools increase IT management efficiency
  • Modern IT department functions optimally when organized under a culture of IT transparency

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CimplControl Webinar: Get Back Control of IT and Telecom Spend

CimplControl Webinar: Sign Up!

Save the Date: June 11 – Etelesolv Hosts Webinar on Newest IT and Telecom Expense Management Features

  • Shadow IT is obscuring up to 80% of an organization’s IT and telecom budget
  • The CimplControl solution was designed to uncover hidden IT and telecom costs
  • See how centralized data and self-serve IT are key to giving back control of spend to IT managers

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