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5 Points to Consider when Evaluating a TEM Solution Provider

5 things to evaluate a TEM provider

Technology is getting more complex all the time, and the amount of Big Data that technology generates as it grows in size and function is only getting bigger. Managing IT is becoming more crucial than ever before. Because this is such a demanding activity, getting the right services for carrying it out is also critical. And so, here are 4 things to really look out for when you’re trying to decide who will be your trusted provider to manage your IT and telecom.


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Top 7 Trends for IT in 2016

IT budget, IoT, BYOD, trends

IT budget, IoT, BYOD, trendsFresh Trends According to Info-Tech

What exactly does 2016 have in store? If you know, call me. I find that there are so many predictions out there, that it’s actually very difficult to make sense of them all. It can be quite a challenge for enterprises to “bet” on the right trend in leading their enterprise. It is a risk that must be taken, because if you don’t, your competitor might have gambled on the right trend for the win. The Top IT trends listed below are sure bets to consider in your strategy, Info-Tech has listed them as part of their 2016 CIO Trends. These top trends are demanding businesses around the world to note their presence and adapt. Not paying attention to these trends might give your company fatal blows.

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How to Improve Your Company with Kaizen

Why Your Business Needs to Change PNG

The Conference Board of Canada just announced that the telecommunications industry has hit a speedbump. The Board claims that for 2015, industry revenues would grow by only 2.3%. Growth hasn’t been this low since the 2008 recession. The Board notes that one of the factors for this slowdown is due to rising prices (which are themselves due to a host of other factors). Despite the rising prices, our demand for telecom devices and services are as high as ever (and are growing, in fact).

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