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Thinking about an MDM Solution… Now What?

Organizations are grappling with Mobile Device Management, MDM and the complexity of smartphones, tablets, wireless services, mobile applications and rising costs for mobility. This presentation offers MDM strategies. Access this webinar recording to learn about the:

  • Effort to provide a solution based on different MDM offerings
  • Strengths and weaknesses of smartphone and tablet operating systems
  • Security considerations

Access and free viewing of the recording is available to Registered subscribers.  Click here to become a subscriber and then access the recording by clicking on the link under Attachments. Learn about our Privacy Policy

TEMIA Hosts Webinar on Mobile Device Management Solutions

Explosive growth in tablets, security threats and smartphones with BYOD, demand that organizations focus on Mobile Device Management. Learn more with this webinar on MDM, security, and assessment of effort to manage different operating systems.

As part of its ongoing mission to provide educational programs about Mobile Device Management, MDM, Telecom Expense Management, TEM, Wireless Expense Management,WEM, the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association TEMIA , is offering a free webcast for enterprises, government, and other organizations interested in best practices regarding MDM.

The webcast titled, Thinking about an MDM Solution…Now What? is Wednesday, March 21 at 11:20 AM Eastern Standard Time. TEMIA’s guest speakers, Erik Eames, Managing Director and Fernando Oliveira, VP of Client Services for Wireless Analytics, LLC, will review critical information and data necessary to evaluate MDM solutions. The presentation will include security considerations and comparisons of the level of effort to manage different operating systems in an enterprise mobile environment.

Thinking about an MDM Solution…Now What? If you are considering Mobile Device Management solutions or have already deployed tablets and smartphones that need to be managed and secured, this webinar will provide the key information, policy impact and best practices you need to know.

“With the increasing adoption of smartphones and tablets across the enterprise, it is critical that a deployment strategy be looked at holistically”, said Fernando Oliveira. “For instance, some companies do a great job at MDM vendor assessment, and an initial deployment strategy, but neglect to account for the daily staffing required to effectively manage an MDM solution across the enterprise”.

Joe Basili, managing director for TEMIA stated, “This upcoming webinar is part of a growing number of programs which help fulfil TEMIA’s central mission of promoting the value of communications technology life cycle management through education and marketing. TEMIA member companies are well-positioned to address best practices, performance metrics, and industry standards.”

About Wireless Analytics, LLC

Wireless Analytics provides outsourced mobility management services such as online visibility and reporting, wireless policy development, cost analysis, procurement, complete help desk services, inventory management, and carrier invoice management. Additionally, Wireless Analytics offers the proprietary CLEAN Platform™, a wireless telecom expense management tool that empowers businesses through easy access to wireless performance metrics.

To learn more, please visit, call 1.888.588.5550 or email

Heliview and TEMIA Host Reception of International TEM Solution Providers

Heliview and TEMIA will host an international gathering of TEM Solution Providers in Amsterdam on March 13. Join us for a fun cruise through the canals of Amsterdam.

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AT&T and Verizon End Unlimited Data Plans… Now What

AT&T has set a new cap on wireless service plans. Verizon and T-Mobile acknowledge that they throttle its biggest mobile data users.

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TEMIA Responds to NTBS Call for Ban on Driver Use of Mobiles: What Should Employers Do?

Where do personal freedoms end? Do we really want costly invasive government regulations? Before you choose sides on the NTBS call to ban all texting, emailing or chatting while driving, learn the facts and consider actions employers need to take regardless of whether they have a BYOD individual liable, or corporate liable program.

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