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The Benefits of Multi-tenancy to Manage IT & Communication Expenses






The name Cimpl has brought a new wave of innovation in our organization. One of them being that our solution is now multi-tenant. Leveraging the SaaS trend of multi-tenancy is quite advantageous in the area of technology expense management for organisations to create operational efficiencies and optimize IT costs. For Dummies writes that “multi-tenancy means that a SaaS (Software as a Service) vendor provides a single version of its software for all its customers. This differs from a single-tenant hosted solution, where the application is housed on a vendor’s server but the codebase is unique for each customer.” In this scenario, users have access to a single scalable platform and their sensitive information is containerized and not accessible by other users. In our multi-tenant SaaS architecture, all customer data and configurations is isolated in metadata layer which enables scalable upgrades and feature roll-outs.

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5 Points to Consider when Evaluating a TEM Solution Provider

5 things to evaluate a TEM provider

Technology is getting more complex all the time, and the amount of Big Data that technology generates as it grows in size and function is only getting bigger. Managing IT is becoming more crucial than ever before. Because this is such a demanding activity, getting the right services for carrying it out is also critical. And so, here are 4 things to really look out for when you’re trying to decide who will be your trusted provider to manage your IT and telecom.


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Why is Using AngularJS a Best Practice in TEM Software Creation? (VIDEO)

Why is Angular the right choice to build our next generation application?

Welcome to #CimplVision.

Today’s topic: We explain why using AngularJS is considered a best practice in IT and telecom expense management software creation. 

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Etelesolv Presents the TEMIA Business Case for Telecom Expense Management

Will TEM Give You a Significant ROI?

The Company Offers Free Download of TEMIA Report on ROI of TEM

  • Though important, TEM, WEM, and MMS solutions are not understood by non-IT professionals
  • The solutions’ value can be better articulated by expressing their benefits in ROI terms
  • Readers will learn how to save 5% to 30% in telecom expenses


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How to Improve Your Company with Kaizen

Why Your Business Needs to Change PNG

The Conference Board of Canada just announced that the telecommunications industry has hit a speedbump. The Board claims that for 2015, industry revenues would grow by only 2.3%. Growth hasn’t been this low since the 2008 recession. The Board notes that one of the factors for this slowdown is due to rising prices (which are themselves due to a host of other factors). Despite the rising prices, our demand for telecom devices and services are as high as ever (and are growing, in fact).

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