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Network Company



Large, multi-national network communications company in search of reduced costs for telecom and IT expenses.


The company provides its customers resources to help deploy and maintain next-generation networks. In 2000, the company realized that their telecom expenses were excessive and a comprehensive approach to managing technology expenses and aligning expenditures with organizational needs was required.

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3 Wasteful Expenses You May Be Missing

Bills can tell you a lot about what services you use and how much each service costs. Businesses often look to lower overall payments, but as enterprise’s telecom networks become more complex, this can be difficult to accomplish. There are three telecom expenses that you may be missing which can impact organizations.

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TEMIA Announces New Awards: Innovation of the Year, Giving Back and Best Practices


TEMIA, The Technology Expense Management Industry Association introduces three new awards with: Innovation of the Year, Giving Back and Best Practices.

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Top 3 Things to Know About TEM for Mid-Market Enterprises

A multitude of specialist vendors exist to manage and optimize technology spend for mid-market enterprises. Blue Hill Research, an independent research and advisory firm focusing on the enterprise technology marketplace, released a report that discusses key trends in mid-market Technology Expense Management (TEM). Titled, Mid-Market TEM Vendor Landscape, it contains useful information for those mid-sized enterprises looking to take the plunge into IT spend management.  Click here to get your free copy of the Blue Hill Research Report, Mid-Market TEM Vendor Landscape.

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Looking for a TEM Vendor? The Essential 4-Part Guide to Successful Selection

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Choosing a TEM solutions provider should be easy. Right? You make a list of requirements, look for a provider that meets those requirements, and prepare for implementation.

If you’re shaking your head, you undoubtedly know it’s more complex. A lot is at stake, but there’s even more to be gained from the successful selection of the right TEM vendor (think time and money). To make sure the process is a “win” for everyone, we’ve broken it down into 4 steps.

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