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Ethics Code

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The mission of the Ethics Committee is to establish TEMIA as the accepted ethical standard and industry authority for the Telecom Expense Management (TEM) industry and to enhance the category image of TEM though an Ethics Code. TEMIA is seeking to use its industry position to have this code apply to the entire industry: members, non-members and all market participants.

  1. TEMIA members commit to a shared Ethics Code with each other and the market.
  1. Members will adhere to generally accepted standards of accuracy and truth in advertising, marketing, sales, and all other forms of communication.

    Accuracy Standards

    The contents of communications in all forms must represent statements of fact. Statistics, implied comparisons, and so-called ‘first to market or only to offer a particular capability’ must be provable. Neglecting to research statements may present a clear conflict with other members, TEMIA’s interest in the Ethics Code and industry standards. Examples of false or misleading statements if they cannot be proven include:

    1. “XYZ is the #1 TEM Solution Provider.” (Implies that a neutral 3rd party study has awarded status)
    2. “XYZ is/was the first company to offer… “(Implies that no single TEM vendor does this)
    3. “XYZ manages more telecom invoices in Europe…” (Implies everyone else manages less)
  2. Members will disclose to clients any potential conflicts of interest, which may be perceived as conflict with duty to the client including payment from parties associated with service delivery.
  3. Members will not offer payment or gifts to clients or potential clients for their business.
  4. Members will act with professionalism and deal fairly with clients, past and present, fellow members, and the general public.
  5. Members will seek to win on their strengths, and they will not disparage competitors or other industry participants.
  6. Members will treat competitors as they want to be treated.
  7. Members will safeguard the confidences of both present and former clients, and they will not accept retainers which may involve the disclosure or use of these confidences to the disadvantage or prejudice of such clients.
  8. Prior to the commencement of client engagements, members will establish clear definitions of the services and products to be provided, clear contracts, and make the client aware of the fee structure and all associated costs.
  1. Members will communicate the Ethics Code to their employees and take responsibility to insure that all employees adhere to this Ethics Code.
  2. Members may submit items for review to get an opinion from the Ethics Committee.
  3. If a member has evidence that another member or non-member may have violated this Ethics Code, the member is obligated to present the information to the Ethics Committee ( for review.
  4. Continuous violations of the Ethics Code by a member company may lead to expulsion of the company from TEMIA and forfeiture of its membership.


Member Benefits

Benefits • Code of Ethics • Dues • Apply

Why Join TEMIA?

  1. TEMIA is the authoritative voice for Tehcnology and Telecom Expense Management (TEM); Wireless Expense Management (WEM);  Mobile Device Management (MDM); Managed Mobility Services (MMS); and Solutions Providers in related areas.
  2. Our mission is aligned with your interests. TEMIA supports your firm by working to:

a. Expand the size of the TEM WEM, MDM, MMS and related markets
b. Foster ongoing performance improvement through open industry standards
c. Promote TEM, WEM, MDM, MMS and related areas to customers, carriers, and analysts
d. Advocate for TEMIA members by reducing the friction in working with carriers and selling to customers.

3. TEMIA fosters ongoing perfromance improvement and education.

4.  Members find value in our regualr meetings that provide an opportunity meet peers and exchange ideas. Partnerships, mergers and acquistions result from our meetings.

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5. TEMIA is publishing white papers for use by its members with the TEMIA logo and the individual member company branding

6. TEMIA is taking on issues that can only be addressed by an industry association. This includes

a. Carrier Billing
b. Industry standards and best practices
c. NDA agreements with carriers that delay implementations and add to costs of doing business

7. Additional member benefits include

a.  Participation in TEMIA’s industry standards programs
b.  Spotlights in TEMIA press releases featuring members with links back to their websites
c.  Participation in member webcasts to enterprises
d.  Listing on the TEMIA member portal
e.  Access to the TEMIA website to initiate blog postings, post items (subject to editorial review) and more
f.   Regular members may vote, serve on the Board of Directors, and benefit from serving on committees

8. If you want to shape the industry’s future, you must have a seat at the table.

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Telecom Expense Management Industry Association Appoints Joe Basili as Managing Director

MANASSAS, Va., November 20, 2008 /PRNewswire/ — The Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA)(, the premiere organization for the telecom expense management industry, announced today the appointment of Joe Basili as Managing Director. This appointment highlights TEMIA’s deep commitment to grow the association, raise awareness of the values and benefits of TEM solutions, further its mission of optimizing the telecommunications supply chain, and help organizations achieve ideal results from TEM programs.

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TEMIA, the Technology Expense Management Industry Association, was founded in 2006 by the largest Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution providers. Today, TEMIA members include firms in a range of industries: MMS, TEM, Cloud, IT Services,  MAM, UEM, EMM, M2M/IoT, App Dev, Unified Communications, Mobile Help Desk, Logistics, Network Service Providers and other categories. 

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