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The Future of Spend Analytics


Every manager understands budgeting and spend tracking is important to organize business initiatives –across the globe. Spend analytics is indispensable to procurement to assist strategic planning and assessing total expenditure on products and administration.

Procurement strategy aligns with general business landscape enhancements to lower procurement costs and increase productivity. Leveraging spend analytics tools is critical to provide the visibility needed to meet standard procurement strategy.

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3 Wasteful Expenses You May Be Missing

Bills can tell you a lot about what services you use and how much each service costs. Businesses often look to lower overall payments, but as enterprise’s telecom networks become more complex, this can be difficult to accomplish. There are three telecom expenses that you may be missing which can impact organizations.

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Telecommunications Expense Management Five Questions You Should Be Asking Webinar

TEMIA is hosting the first of its Fall series of webinars. This webinar will provide valuable strategies and questions that provide metrics and ways to measure the effectiveness of Telecommunications Expense Management programs.

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Telecom Expense Management Veteran Valicom Joins TEMIA

Telecom expense management software and services firm Valicom announces its membership in TEMIA, the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association.

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