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Telecom Expense Management Industry Association, TEMIA, Affirms Mission and Top Priorities at Boston Meeting

TEMIA provides networking opportunity for its members, sets new goals and discusses the future of TEM as it works to help member companies maximize their investments in the association.


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Wireless Analytics Joins TEMIA, The Telecom Expense Management Industry Association

November 9, 2011, Danvers, MA – Wireless Analytics, LLC, a telecom firm that manages wireless and mobile expenses for mid-to large sized companies has become an official member of the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (known as TEMIA), the nation’s largest industry association for the telecom expense management solutions providers.

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Telecom Expense Management Today and a Vision for the Future of TEM


What is Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Industry vision for its future

The state of the Telecom Expense Management (TEM) industry is vibrant and better than ever. This is true because Solution Providers have adapted to client needs and TEM offerings encompass far more than just bill auditing. In fact, many TEM Solutions Providers feel that the acronym may fail to reflect their full range of capabilities that they offer today and their future vision of the industry.

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Upcoming Webinars

The Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA) is pleased to host webinars on a broad range of topics. These programs are part of TEMIA’s vision and mission of improving industry knowledge, fostering ongoing TEM performance improvement, and reducing market friction for delivery and ultimate success of TEMIA members. The association will continue to help members by promoting telecom expense management, enhancing the category image through education, marketing, and developing industry standards to augment overall service quality.

Enterprise Webinars

TEMIA offers educational webcasts for enterprises, government, and other organizations. These webcasts will feature different members of the association speaking on a range of topics which shall include information for organizations that are seeking to learn about telecom expense management solutions. Below is a listing of the upcoming webinars:

  • Thinking about an MDM Solution… Now What? Wednesday, March, 21, 2012 11:20 EST. This 40 minute webinar will address strategies for organizations that are grappling with the complexity of devices, services, applications and rising costs for mobility. How will you support Mobile Device Management? It will identify the level of effort by MDM solution and operating system. space is limited.
  • Plan Globally, Deliver Locally: Finding the Smart Balance for Your Organization’s International Mobile and Fixed TEM Needs – Wednesday, April 25, 2012. This webinar will explore what activities need to be managed locally and what activies should be managed globally to promote efficiency and consistency. One size does not fit all…

Future Webinars

TEMIA is developing a full range of valuable webinars with telecom service providers industry analysts, and other subject matter experts.TEMIA looks forward to hosting telecom service providers (North American as well as international providers)presenting their plans for updates to electronic billing media, eBonding, and international billing. Speakers and organizations that are interested in presenting to TEMIA should contact Joe Basili to discuss potential topics.

Supplier Alliance Partner Showcase

Many firms join associations for the opportunity to network and partner with other companies. On November 12 at 11 AM (Eastern Time) TEMIA·hosted a virtual networking webcast. The·Supplier Alliance Partner Showcase can now be accessed by suppliers that are seeking to evaluate new capabilities to augment their firm’s current offering. Click on this link to see a listing of suppliers that participated and click on their logo to access the recording.

Past Webinars

  • Healthcare and Telecom Expense Management: Finding the Right Prescription for Curing Chronic Costs – As the complexity of devices, services and applications for Health Systems and Hospitals continues to grow, analysts expect a 44 percent increase in telecom spend over the next few years. TEM is just what the doctor ordered for restoring health to fixed and wireless communications. Listen and view this recording.
  • Free! TEM Software and Professional Services for the Mid-Market – Learn about an interesting approach that leverages carrier relationships to provide TEM software and professional services for the mid-market at no cost to customers. Listen and view this recording.
  • New Perspectives on International TEM – Global TEM engagements are gaining momentum. Organizations are seeking to roll-out TEM to international locations, but there are some challenges that you must overcome. Learn about this topic from an expert with a European perspective.
  • Cut Expenses and Make Your Telecom Program Green –  This webinar provides strategies to cut expenses through green initiatives. It also addresses security and an environmentally responsible way to deal with growing number of retired devices that are sitting in closets and desks. As the time to upgrade devices shrinks you can make money with this program. Listen and view the recording,
  • Taming the Tablet Tiger Learn about critical parameters to bid and evaluate tablets for enterprise businesses. This webinar also discusses how to assess the potential impact to budgets, key contractual terms and conditions, policy impact, and best practices. Listen and view the recording.
  • Why You Need TEM Software   to gain new perspectives on TEM software and learn how the next generation of TEM systems are enabling spend, control and security for management of smartphones, tablets and more.Listen and view a recording of this webinar!
  • The State of the Smartphone in Enterprise Communications This webinar featured the latest developments in Wireless Expense Management (WEM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM).
  • New Perspectives on Individual Liable vs. Corporate Liable Mobility This webinar provided new perspectives on the great debate between individual liable and corporate liable devices. Managing expenses, securing data on devices and new technology is changing this debate. Access the recording.
  • Technology’s Impact on Your Telecom Expenses Are you currently implementing or planning to implement roll-outs of Smart Devices (smartphones and tablets); Cloud Computing; Social Networking;Video Conferencing; Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)? Before youblindly follow the advice of others that say you must provision more bandwidth and spend more money on your network,Learn somesimple steps that you can taketo avoid costly mistakes. Access the slides and the recording.
  • Harness the Benefits of International TEM and WEM Programs Is This A Good Time to Go International with Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Wireless Expense Management (WEM)? Multi-national organizations stand to capture large savings through executing global Telecom Expense Management and Wireless Expense Management initiatives by gaining control of one of their top line item expenses. Learn how to overcome top challenges in building an international TEM and WEM practice and gain a unique perspective on international sourcing. This webinar features best practices, benchmarks and open industry standards that you can use for your program. Access the recording now.
  • Managing Challenges in International Mobility – This webinar, in two parts, discusses the specific challenges and perspectives necessary in properly managing international mobility. This webinar answers many questions:
    • Are you seeking to cut costs for enterprise mobility expenses?          • Individual liable or corporate liable… which is better?
    • What are the best practices for procuring devices and service plans?  • Do you struggle with helpdesk issues for mobility?
    Access the recording for Managing Challenges in International Mobility now.
  • What You Need to Know About TEM Service Level Agreements – Whether you are evaluating a TEM solution, you just bought a solution or you have one and you are seeking to make it more effective, you need to think about Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Don’t attempt to use standard boiler plate language from your lawyers. SLAs for TEM need to reflect the unique nature of TEM engagements. Access the recording for What You Need to Know About TEM Service Level Agreements.
  • Managing TEM Implementations – (New Tools, Teams, Outsourcing, SaaS, and Software)If you are evaluating a TEM solution, you need to think about the implementation process. Careful planning can help streamline the process. Access the recording for Managing TEM Implementations.
  • Learn about TEMIA’s Ethics Code. It creates industry standards for accuracy and truth in advertising, marketing, sales, and all other forms of communication. It also states that members will seek to win on their strengths and not disparage competitors. The code requires members to disclose any potential conflicts of interest to clients. Another important highlight calls for members that have evidence that another member or non-member may not be conforming to the principles of this Ethics Code, to notify the Ethics Committee for further review. It will apply to non-members because TEMIA wants to improve the entire TEM industry. View the Ethics code now.

Past Webinars 2009

In February, TEMIA hosted Verizon’s eBonding Product Manager. The presentation included an overview of Verizon’s eBonding features, flow and architecture, Verizon’s eBonding partner program, and implementation overview later today. During the presentation members were please to learn that in the third quarter wireless products are going to be added to the portal. When this feature is enabled, it will make it possible for TEM Suppliers to provide their customers with links to make it possible to place orders directly into Verizon’s provisioning system.

Access TEMIA’s Archived Webinars

TEMIA posts recordings of past webcasts that members can access on demand. Sign in and access these archived recordings by going to: Downloads/Vendor Library/Archived Webcasts.

Upcoming: Mobility Wireless Expense Management and Device Management

Wednesday April 20, 2011 12 pm EDT

Register for TEMIA’s educational webinar: New Perspectives on Individual Liable versus Corporate Liable
This webinar features the latest developments in Wireless Expense Management (WEM) and Mobile Device Managmeent (MDM).

Wednesday April 20, 2011 12 pm EDT.

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