For a limited time, enterprises can register to attend Heliview’s Amsterdam International Telecom Expense Management, TEM, conference for no cost using VIP code 9023/07. This event is free to people that work for organizations that do not provide TEM solutions. TEM, WEM, and MDM solution providers, vendors, consultants, auditors and/or service providers are not eligible to use this VIP code. They must contact Heliview regarding sponsorship packages and other arrangements if they are interested in  attending the conference.

Heliview expects over 100 conference attendees who will be traveling from Europe and North America to meet in Amsterdam on the 14 of March to learn the latest developments in Telecom Expense Management and Managed Mobility Services (MMS). Speakers will present the latest national and international developments, for TEM, managed mobility, asset management and other trends with business cases, practical strategies and other best practices.

Heliview Conferences and Training is organizing the conference Telecom Expense Management in the Arena in Amsterdam. Pleun Verstappen. conference producer, at Heliview Conferences and Training stated, “We are looking forward to hosting this year’s conference and working to attract more international enterprises in 2012.”

“Many companies struggle to understand and manage their cost of telecommunications, especially as more sophisticated mobile devices and services are being deployed” said Bram Cool, General Manager of Ezwim. “In Europe a growing number of companies are seeing the benefit of TEM to manage telecom assets and costs. Unfortunately, there is still not enough awareness in the market of the value TEM can bring. As a TEMIA member we look forward to participating in this reception and contributing to the effort to grow the market.”

Philippe Lignac, MDSL sales director for TEM commented: “We’re particularly pleased to be sponsoring the Heliview Conference this year. We’ve seen steady growth in demand for TEM and MDSL’s services in Europe recently and, following the very positive reception to our new Smart TEM solution earlier this month in the US, the conference will provide the perfect platform to launch Smart TEM to the EMEA market.

James Price stated, “As TEMIA executive board president, and president of ICOMM Consulting, I am proud to join Heliview in helping promote TEM to the worldwide community. A proper understanding of the true value proposition of TEM, along with better end-user knowledge of the available options to implement a TEM program, will help grow the TEM market and more effectively serve end-user organizations around the globe.”

Joe Basili, managing director of the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association, TEMIA, the authoritative voice for Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Wireless Expense Management (WEM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions providers, added, “I am delighted to support Heliview and speak at the conference. This gathering shows how TEM, Managed Mobility Services and TEMIA are growing globally.”

Register online for the conference at and use VIP code 9023/07.

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