Large, US federal government agency.


The agency’s field-agents rely on mobile technology to conduct time-sensitive and mission-critical activities throughout the world.  Without functional devices and working service, the field-agents cannot complete their jobs. The Agency sought to lower their total cost of operations by 20%, increase productivity, have better reporting and policy enforcement and limit the burden on their internal staff.


The agency’s mobile operations are now outsourced under WidePoint’s Mobile Lifecycle Management (MLM) program. The program offers the agency a 24 x 7 x 365 Help Desk, ForesightTM Policy and Procurement Portal that includes dashboard analytics and robust reporting, Telecom Expense Management (TEM) through Widepoint’s ClarityTM expense management portal, device logistics management, and a secure device disposal/disposition program.


WidePoint has reduced the total cost of operations, while increasing productivity for the agency. Next-day replacement service and 24 X 7 help desk support ensures agency field agents are always equipped with mobile technology tools that allow them to perform their jobs quickly and efficiently. The average monthly recurring rate has been reduced through rate plan optimization, reducing carrier charges, and eliminating zero-use devices.

In the first year of the contract WidePoint reduced the total cost of operation by over 26%. The program has continued to be lowered each year since then. WidePoint has reduced average Minimum Revenue Commitment from $236/month to $189/month, and has achieved the following savings:

  • over $223K in rate plan optimization
  • over $152K by disconnecting zero usage devices
  • over 20% reduction in carrier charges

WidePoint has also provided over $580K in wireless technology upgrades, upgrading and replacing more than 2500 devices.

Lessons Learned

The client agency’s main concern was ensuring that their workforce would always have access to their mobile devices and services that they rely on to complete mission critical activities.  WidePoint’s Mobile Lifecycle Management program and services proved that an intelligently planned and efficiently operated program would not only ensure constant access to mobile tools, but could also achieve significant cost savings.

WidePoint Solutions Corp

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