arkadin1-cscThe Client

Corporation Services Company, formed in 1899, is one of the largest Registered Agent service companies in the world. CSC represents hundreds of thousands of business entities worldwide, including nearly 90% of the Fortune 500 and top global brands. They are headquartered in Wilmington DE.

When Corporation Services Company started using Adobe Connect four years ago for global demand generation and sales, they found a perfect match for their needs.

The Challenge

The multimedia technology was feature rich yet simple to use for conducting high caliber webinars and online events. It was also an ideal solution for day-to-day online meetings. Ease of use had eluded them with their previous technology, which made it challenging to demonstrate their web-based solutions to potential customers.

“The ease of use that Adobe Connect offers has been the biggest breakthrough for us. Our previous web meeting solutions didn’t enable us to convey the messages we wanted. We can’t sell our services as time saving and effective if a demo isn’t easy to join. With Adobe Connect, it’s just one click and you’re in!” – Elise Brogan, Marketing Channel Manager, CSC

As a global solutions provider for corporate, legal, financial and digital brand services, CSC has a majority of the Fortune 500 as customers. The highest quality technology and client care are essential for communicating with their privileged customer base.

While Adobe Connect delivered the right technology, the service from their former provider was not up to par, lacking both technical expertise and a sense of urgency. When the contract was up for renewal, CSC tapped Arkadin to be their new service provider.

“We loved Adobe Connect, so that was not the issue. It was service. Arkadin brings a sense of urgency to technical issues. When we have a problem, Arcadian responds immediately.”

The Solution

CSC’s Adobe Connect administrator and webinar marketing manager needed a service provider who could offer Adobe Connect integrated with global audio and the highest quality technical expertise. As an Adobe partner with a service philosophy second to none, Arkadin was a perfect fit.

To ensure a quick and stress-free migration for CSC’s 400 Adobe Connect users, Arkadin deployed a ‘transition partner’ to take ownership of all migration details behind the scenes.

“Arkadin made the transition painless. It was completely seamless for our customers and extremely easy on our employees.”

In addition, a dedicated events manager with expertise in the Adobe Connect for Events module is on hand to ensure the events go smoothly. CSC’s Marketing and corporate departments stage on average 8 – 20 webinars a month for demand generation, product training and educational purposes. Every segment of their world-class product offering spanning representation services, corporate compliance, digital brand services, commercial financial filings and trust services is promoted to prospects through the advanced webinar technology.

Highly creative online marketing events are possible through interactive features, resulting in greater attendee engagement and higher quality leads.

  • Layouts: Provide flexibility in sharing content in creative new ways. Content windows can be customized for each layout, enhancing presentation flow and brand building.
  • Polling: Enables interaction with questions for uncovering pain points and identifying the most relevant leads.
  • Breakout rooms: Accommodate customizable ‘meetings within meetings’ for focused discussions.
  • Real-time monitoring: Tracks critical information for measuring audience engagement.
  • Persistent meeting rooms with unique URLs: Enable sales 3people to have customized, friendly URLs that allow for on-the-fly meetings.

Dramatic ROI and unlimited upside business potential

“The impact on our business has been dramatic, with ROI estimated at 1,000%. As we explore even more marketing opportunities to use the solution, we see an unlimited upside potential.”

Cost savings through hybrid audio

“By customizing voice profiles for each meeting environment, we significantly reduced costs and improved our current and future returns.”

Superior support removes administrative burdens

“Direct access to knowledge experts is critical. Everyone I talk to at Arkadin is an Adobe Connect expert. They know how the technology works and if they don’t know the answer to my question, they have Adobe developers on the phone in a matter of minutes. I never had immediate access to this level of expertise before.”

Customizable web interfaces help build brands

Completely customizable registration pages, event emails, virtual rooms and meeting pods drive brand awareness and thought leadership.

“The flexibility of the technology allows us to highlight our expertise and thought leadership without asking customers to jump through hoops to join our sessions.”

About Arkadin

Arkadin Collaboration Services, an NTT Communications Company, is one of the largest and fastest growing Collaboration Service Providers in the world with a full suite of audio, web, video conferencing and Unified Communications solutions. The company’s global network of 53 operating centers in 32 countries has dedicated local support teams to service its 37,000 customers.

This case study is provided by the TEMIA member company, Arkadin Collaboration Services who are solely responsible for the content.