Mark Hearn is President & CEO of Network Control. Mr. Hearn has over 28 years in the TEM industry starting his first company in 1987 with an MS-DOS based Bill Management tool for a large retail organization. Mr. Hearn purchased Network Control in 2011 and continues to speak at industry events and trade shows on the value of Technology Expense Management and the evolution of the past 30 years. Mark earned his BA from St. Mary’s College.

Mark Hearn, President and CEO of Network Control and TEMIA Vice President said, “The Association collectively manages over $61 Billion in telecom spend, but the industry is evolving from telecom to a broader focus on technology expenses. The collective minds within TEMIA provide compelling data points for organizations to leverage to assure a sound implementation and on-going partnerships with TEM organizations. One of my goals is to further our awareness in our industry, with enterprises, and carriers to assure our concerns are discussed and vetted in the marketplace.”