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BYOD: Questions You Need To Ask Yourself



In this article on BYOD, we are going to bring you on a journey so you can be prepared to determine if a BYOD program is the right fit for your organization. You’ll become a trusted advisor for upper management by preparing the answers to the following or simply asking these questions.

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Finding The Right Mix Between CYOD & BYOD

What is the right mix of BYOD_EN-01

In this section of our BYOD series we’re going to talk about the ways how companies are implementing the perfect blend of BYOD and CYOD in organizations.  In part 2 of our series we will go through questions that you should be asking yourself before committing to BYOD. So sign up to make sure you get the next article in your inbox when it comes out.

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Unravelling The Mystery Behind BYOD for Mobility Management

BYOD for you_EN-01More and more people are turning to BYOD in their work place but not many people fully understand the implication of applying BYOD.  How should BYOD be distributed among employees? How much of a discount should be awarded? Should the company really take on the expenses for BYOD? We’ll answer these questions and more. 

Gartner recently updated their April 2014 report that extensively explained BYOD usage and application due to a court case in California from August 2014 that obligated organizations to compensate employees for BYOD. Since then, many things changed and more organizations began pushing to subsidise user-owned devices.

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Top 7 Trends for IT in 2016

IT budget, IoT, BYOD, trends

IT budget, IoT, BYOD, trendsFresh Trends According to Info-Tech

What exactly does 2016 have in store? If you know, call me. I find that there are so many predictions out there, that it’s actually very difficult to make sense of them all. It can be quite a challenge for enterprises to “bet” on the right trend in leading their enterprise. It is a risk that must be taken, because if you don’t, your competitor might have gambled on the right trend for the win. The Top IT trends listed below are sure bets to consider in your strategy, Info-Tech has listed them as part of their 2016 CIO Trends. These top trends are demanding businesses around the world to note their presence and adapt. Not paying attention to these trends might give your company fatal blows.

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Defining MDM, EMM, MMS and other Terms Related to WEM

Wireless Expense Management or WEM seeks to proactively reduce expenses, establish new operational efficiencies, increase visibility and provide better control for mobile voice and data services. WEM has been eclipsed and replaced by new offerings that address additional needs for organizations. This post will define Mobile Device Management or MDM; Managed Mobility Services or MMS; Enterprise Mobility Management or EMM; and other terms related to WEM including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD); Choose Your Own Device or CYOD; Corporate Liable Employee Owned or CLEO; Corporate Owned Personally Enabled or COPE; and Mobile Application Management or MAM.

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