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Members to Provide Enhanced Industry Information and Insights on Developing Trends

West Lake Village, CALIFORNIA – Marking its 10th year since inception, the Technology Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA), is launching a new blog content effort authored by members; each expert in their area of focus. This shift reflects the changing dynamic in the art of technology management; beyond a single focus on expense, and toward a broader landscape of challenges facing commercial and government organizations today. The postings will be spotlighted on TEMIA’s website.

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5 Things You Need to Know about ADFS

When it cADFS_5ThingsArtboard_EN.pngomes right down to it, finding an effective way of cutting unnecessary losses might be just as good as generating a profit. Sounds obvious? That’s because it is – at least until you actually start looking into it. Alas, yes. It is easy to tell oneself to start saving money (or to start doing anything, really), but figuring out exactly how and where to do it is actually pretty challenging, especially for larger businesses. The more assets and people you manage, the more likely you are to see profit “leaks”. This problem is exacerbated as the variety of assets and people you manage increases, too.

Adopting ADFS is one way businesses have recently managed to significantly plug profit leaks. This is done through improving the way we manage accesses to the plethora of systems and applications exploited daily. Don’t know what ADFS is? No worries; our team has you covered. Here’s our list of key things you should certainly know about ADFS and related systems.

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Starting 2016 with a BANG! Etelesolv is now Cimpl!

So as of January 25th, 2016, Etelesolv has started the year with a very important milestone for the company…

They have changed their name to CIMPL!

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That’s right, the company will have the same name as their product. The entire company – from research and development to customer success to sales and marketing – is focused on Cimpl. This makes it an exciting year for the company and their customers. Cimpl will continue to be the solution enterprises rely on to manage all of their telecom, mobile, cloud, IT, IoT and M2M expenses. Their mission is to lead the revolution in the management of the EDF – Enterprise Digital Footprint.

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