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Heliview and TEMIA Host Reception of International TEM Solution Providers

Heliview and TEMIA will host an international gathering of TEM Solution Providers in Amsterdam on March 13. Join us for a fun cruise through the canals of Amsterdam.

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VIP Invitation for TEM 2012 Heliview Conference

For a limited time, enterprises can register to attend Heliview’s Amsterdam International Telecom Expense Management, TEM, conference for no cost using VIP code 9023/07. This event is free to people that work for organizations that do not provide TEM solutions. TEM, WEM, and MDM solution providers, vendors, consultants, auditors and/or service providers are not eligible to use this VIP code. They must contact Heliview regarding sponsorship packages and other arrangements if they are interested in  attending the conference.

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TEMIA Meetings

TEMIA meets two times a year in some great cities. The next meeting will be March 25 and 26 in Orlando, Florida. IN Sptember will meet in Las Vegas. Below is some information about our past meetings. Learn more by clicking on the link for the meeting.

  • October 15-16, 2013 San Jose, CA in partnership with CTIA’s MobileCON conference.

TEMIA opened the last session of its meeting to MobileCON attendees. The room was filled to capacity with attendees standing to hear insights from a Thought Leader panel discussion titled: How providers and channel partners can add value when enterprises address the challenges and opportunities of BYOD? In addition, TEMIA’s exhibitors were featured in the Telecommunications Management Pavilion and a lively second Thought Leader panel discussion on Thursday, October 17 to discuss the topic: Do You Have a Cohesive Mobile Strategy? Based on member feedback, and the success of its Thought Leader Panels, TEMIA will partner for CTIA 2014, Super Mobility Week.

  • April 16-17, 2013 Atlanta, GA Meeting theme: Turning Problems into Opportunities
  • October 23-24, 2012 TEMIA’s Washington, DC meeting coincided with CCMI’s Annual National Summit on Telecom Expense Management
  • June 12-13, 2012 New York City Members gathered in midtown at a restaurant for dinner and met the following day at a hotel near LaGuardia airport. 
  • March 13, 2012 Amsterdam, Netherlands TEMIA hosted a reception and canal cruise for Solutions Providers that Heliview co-sponsored as part of its Telecom Expense Management 2012 conference.
  • November 2, 2011 Boston, Massachusetts At this meeting, TEMIA members re-established full day gatherings.

TEMIA meetings are NOT like a typical conference. TEMIA meetings provide a venue for principals of firms that manage telecommunications for very large enterprises to discuss ways to overcome industry challenges, exchange different views and learn about new industry developments. Another highlight of these meetings is the opportunity for members to network. Members are able to formally present partnering capabilities and “white label” offerings to other attendees. Members are able to develop important alliance partnerships, which lead to better solutions to address clients needs.

Below are some quotes from our members about the meetings. 

“TEMIA is the only industry conference that I attend each year that is created and run by the industry, for the industry. As a result, it is the #1 conference to meet one’s peers (and often one’s competitors) in friendly atmosphere where the sharing of ideas can yield true value for all attendees.”

“It was great to have so many continuing and new TEMIA members come together in Atlanta. The power of networking and collaboration are the top reasons that we are members.”

“The TEMIA meetings are a wealth of industry information and a great opportunity to network with like organizations including potential partners.”

“This was a wonderful opportunity to meet with industry peers, discuss the direction and vision our industry is heading in order to assure a viable solution to all enterprises. The power is in the ability, as an association, to drive both ethics and best practices in an industry which must constantly evolve with the technological changes within telecommunications.”

“We are TEMIA members now in our 6th year. We held out on joining for three years. TEMIA membership and meetings such as this are incredibly valuable to our firm. Also, we can track many more new dollars to our top line thanks to TEMIA.”

“We came to the meeting with a set of expectations about TEMIA benefits and found a new set of reasons why membership was worthwhile.”

“The telecommunications industry is marked by continual and constant change, with challenges and opportunities always emerging. Active participation within TEMIA allows us to consistently build value for our clients through key relationships and industry best practices.” 

News of these meetings is featured in TEMIA’s monthly newsletter and news section. You can also contact us, if you are interested in attending a meeting.

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