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Network Company



Large, multi-national network communications company in search of reduced costs for telecom and IT expenses.


The company provides its customers resources to help deploy and maintain next-generation networks. In 2000, the company realized that their telecom expenses were excessive and a comprehensive approach to managing technology expenses and aligning expenditures with organizational needs was required.

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Member Companies

These members of TEMIA focus on Technology Expense Management and Telecom Expense Management, (TEM), Managed Mobility Services (MMS), Mobile Expense Management, Mobile Device Management, MDM, Enterprise Mobility Management, EMM, cloud services, call accounting, bill payment and more. TEMIA members subscribe to a Code of Ethics, which clearly establishes standards and differentiates their level of commitment to their clients.

4TelecomHelp, Inc.




AMI Strategies



Arrow Value Recovery



Avotus Corporation

Blue Hill Research



Clearsky Mobility


 Comview Corp

Dimension Data

Dynamic ITAD



G Squared Wireless


GSG (Global Sourcing Group)

GuerraWilson Group


Inspiredge IT Solutions

Invoice IQ

ISI Telemanagement Solutions

Juvo Technologies

Manage Mobility





Mobile Solutions Services

MTS AnchorPoint

Network Control










Wireless Analytics

Pokémon Go: Using your Mobile to Catch them at all Cost

Pokemon Go _EN-01

Who wants to be a Pokémon Master! Pokémon has once again taken the world by storm as millions of people have downloaded the new app, Pokémon Go, on their mobile devices in under a month to join the craze. Niantic made a power move by bringing back the old game and revamping it to fit current technology and social trends. This new release is catching almost anyone that grew up in the 90’s and 2000’s with nostalgia and sparking excitement in both new and old gamers. Solely within the first weekend it launched, the App reached 50 million downloads. Nintendo stocks have since increased and a lot of people are happy about it. I mean who doesn’t love having strangers wander around your neighbourhood or crawling through your backyard in this new odyssey to find virtual Pokémon. The question remaining is, where will the next Pokémon show up?

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Mid-Year Health Check: Is your IT Budget on Track for 2016?


There has been an ongoing trend that asks more organizations to be more productive with the same or even less resources.  How have businesses been adapting to this strategy?  Are they asking us to make bricks without straw? Is there any way around this? The answer is found in IT investment.

The Computer Economics IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks study is based on a survey from over 200 IT organizations conducted in the first half of 2016. According to their findings, IT organizations, on a grand scheme, are gradually expanding meanwhile widespread and ongoing IT spending and hiring is for the most part at a standstill. More organizations are changing their spending habits in flat capital budgets for new initiatives. They are moving towards the cloud because it has potential for long term growth and its value to IT is increasing. Despite budget growth being slow, there is still room for optimism.

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Why Invest in Wireline Expense Management?

Why invest in wireline expense management_ENG1

Ever wondered what wireline expense management can do for your business? We’re going to explore the answer to this question but before we can do that, I’ll first help you better understand what wireline expense management is.

Wireline” refers to the services or assets that functions using a land line.  So using: internet, PBX, Routers, circuits and etc. counts as a wireline services or assets.  Let’s get back to our initial question, (what can wireline expense management do for your business?) wireline expense management enables businesses to be aware of the usage and cost of their wireline assets/services so that they can save time and money by accurately managing its asset/service inventory.  Ultimately, businesses are given detailed knowledge of their consumption which gives them more control over how they spend.  With knowledge comes power; we empower our customers to identify areas where spending is unnecessary which gives greater control and cost savings. 

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